About us

We are in Furore, “on one of those heights of the Amalfi Coast where the sea falls and cliffs in an upside-down sky, which in serene nights the lights of the lamps make starry”.

Here “Bacco” is synonymous with Ferraioli, grandfather Raffaele, “Winemaker” of broad views, returned from an experience of emigration to the United States with his wife Angelina and children, in conjunction with the construction of the Amalfi-Agerola rolling stock plans to open an accommodation-refreshment for the workers of the work first and for future travelers then.

Few beds, a kitchen with traditional dishes served in the heat of the winter fireplace, under the pergola in spring/summer. The war and his untimely death bring Andrea and Letizia to the helm.

The economic boom of the sixties also made Bacco grows, then the loss of Father Andrea in 1977, brings the management Fratelli Ferraioli and families that with increasing success comes at the beginning of the twenty-first century.


La Vigna di Bacco


In 2021 the separation is decided, Antonio leaves the helm to his son Andrea and his wife Carmen who renovate in 2022 and leave with the sign
“La Vigna di Bacco”.